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Our Story

NB Solution Pte Ltd was established in 1986, under the wings of Tai Wah Distributors Pte Ltd.


since 1956, Tai Wah Distributors marketed and distributed major brands that include Wella, Ella Bache, Sothys, Matis, Payot, and Wahl. Over the years, the company established an extensive distribution network that spread its wings across Southeast Asia.

NB Solution took flight in 1986, under the wing of the founder of Tai Wah Distributors. Since then, the company has soared to new heights, with a young and dynamic management team brought on board to expand its beauty business globally.

Focusing solely on beauty products and equipment, NB Solution leverages on years of heritage and experience to position itself as the fulcrum in the future of the beauty industry through extensive research into beauty care equipment, brands and products tailored to Asian skin types.

NB Solution has also created a platform ready for global expansion, with innovative business plans and strategies in place to ensure our customers enjoy longevity in profits.


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