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Market Analysis

Below are services that we provide to salon and spa owners

Fulfilling a niche in the professional beauty products market by providing effective results and reliability.

In today’s competitive market, salon/spa owners are often faced with challenges such as high rental rates, a poor flow of walk-in customers, a limited target market segment for independent salons/spas, and the lack of up-to-date market information. The salon/spa industry in Singapore is predominantly made up of small, independent shops that lack proper operational management and marketing know-how.

Implementing a comprehensive and effective treatment menu tailored to your target market group and the scale of your salon/spa. Providing equipment and innovative business models to help capture a greater market share. Educating and training your therapists to improve on product knowledge and treatment skill-sets, with our emphasis on meeting professional standards. Building up brand awareness together with you, through advertising, events, road shows, and seminars. Implementing promotions and effective sales tools tailored to the corporate image and needs of you salon/spa. Implementing enhanced inventory management, which translates into more profits for your salon/spa.
We have created a system that not only helps our clients to face the challenges in today’s market, but to also unite independent salons/spas globally. You can now set up your own salon/spa business with lower risks and challenges. Succeed with us!


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