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Depileve CerazymeŽ Depilbright Launch @ 2017

(*Only open for professional & beautician)

Welcome to our Depilève Cerazyme® Depilbright Launch with FREE admission.


We will be lauching our

      ONE & ONLY Whitening Wax      

by Depilève Cerazyme® Depilbright  this coming June which includes master class training with certification by Spain's international trainer. Call us Now for reservation as we are left with limited slots.


*Depileve Waxing Academy Certificate

Who said that everything in waxing was invented?

Introducing the new CERAZYME® Depilbright range by Depilève - First hair removal range in the world capable of delivering to deeper skin layers the skin lightening active ingredients to make it a truly effective skin brightening treatment.


  • Skin Lightening - Hair removal treatment with clarifying skin effect.
  • Fades Spots - Acts on hyperpigmentation, blurring them and preventing the appearance of new ones.
  • Dermaplaning Effect - Removes vellous hair and dead skin cells for a delicate exfoliation.
  • Nose Pore Refining - Remove blackheads and unblock the pores for a pleasant sensation of freshness and cleanliness.
  • Painless Epilation - Very low temperature wax with no strips ideal for any skin type or area.

COME JOIN US ON 5 JUNE 2017 AT NB SOLUTION Pte Ltd - Training Room.

Please call for REGISTRATION   |   CUSTOMER ENQUIRY HOTLINE at +65 65471216   |   EMAIL: info@nbsolution.com.sg

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